Various Artists

Various Artists

Ill Niño: The bold symbol design, influenced by Blackletter typefaces, is for use in all brand applications for the Latin metal band. Fans of the band have had tattoos made of the symbol.

Susan Boyle: The music star's story, a classic rags-to-riches tale, along with her powerful voice, moved millions of people worldwide. The logo reflects the elements of her success by combining dream symbols with a classy typeface. The result is an iconic logo for use on merchandise.

Lygate: Named after the band's founder, the design's threadlike "ligatures" intertwine with letterforms inspired by wrought iron gates, resulting in a logo that is perfectly-suited for a metal band.

Elton John: Inspired by the legendary artist's eyeglasses of the '70s, the star shape also symbolizes his superstar status. Paired with a clean, retro font, the merch logo appeals to fans of all generations.

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